About Tracy Doe Heart
Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Channel

Tracy Doe Heart is a sought after spiritual teacher and healer. She has been involved in assisting people with their life transitions for over 30 years. From childhood she has been a natural channel for the non-physical spiritual and sentient beings.

She has traveled throughout the world being witness to some of the most profound rituals by tribal indigenous people. She has visited sacred places of prayer, meditation and spiritual initiations. She became involved enough with the daily living of one of the tribes, that during a seasonal ceremony, she was given the name Doe Heart.

This unaltered photo of Tracy, shows spheres of light surrounding her energetic auric field. Each sphere is an energetic being , guiding, protecting and healing. It is an amazing photo of the energetic realm that truly resides in the physical dimension.

Tracy’s Story

It seems that when I was a child , while at the hospital and one of my many trips to the intensive care unit, initiated an awakening. This particular trip I was plagued with a severe respiratory infection and inflammation, just struggling for every single breath. An oddly dressed nurse sat at my bedside, gently holding my hand. Her words were so soft, her eyes were so blue with an illuminance shine. I could hear her thoughts and a deep feeling of blissful love. I know now she was a messenger, an Angel from Heaven.

From that time forward I starting having visions of events of my own future. I would hear the voice of the Angel guiding me on my life path. I would feel her presence during the most interesting times. It gradually increased to an awareness of others’ Angels and Guides. The beings would share information about people and animals, displaying visions of their lives, health and future.

These gifts were ever expanding my world of understanding and added a level of chaos that few humans need in their life. I was blessed with earthly teachers to help balance this apprenticeship of translating the visionary information I received from the angels. Many of these teachers were humans very familiar with the responsibilities of being a spiritual channel. The sentient beings in the form of the Creator’s most splendid creatures proved to be my best teachers of living with joy and purpose.

My teachers were both protective and challenging arriving at key times in my personal development helping to nurture my gifts. Jose Silva a noted spiritual healer and teacher, that knew we all make a difference in the world. Dr Vetura Papke a master of prayer, mentoring directly with Ernst Homles author of the “Science of Mind". My husband always affectionately called her the Big Kuhua, a name she graciously accepted. Rosalyn Bruyere, a incredible teacher of healing, energy medicine and ancient healing traditions. Rosalyn has always generously encouraged my gifts as a healer and channel. Melody, author of the Love Is In The Earth Series, deepened my knowledge of healing work with the stone beings. There have always been synchronistic events surrounding meetings with all my beloved teachers.

Tracy's Teachers: Rosalyn Bruyere, Melody, and Jose Silva

The list of my experiences of phenomenal events include helping to solve a 30 year missing person case. Having deceased people give me messages for loved ones, not always at the best time in my day! Assisting in finding lost and stolen pets to be reunited with their families. Supporting people and animals along their healing path, credited with many a significant improvement. Visionary and intuitive angel readings and spiritual counseling helping people restore clarity to their own life’s path.


Certified Tarot Instructor
KaleidOscopes Systems
Trained by Kathleen Casbar

Advanced Astrology Diploma
Instructor Dave B. Campbell

Angelic Lightworker (ALPI)
Certified Instructor & Practitioner
Trained & Mentored by Dorothy

Master in Crystology (MCP & FI)
Certified Instructor & Practitioner
Trained by Melody

Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner & Instructor

Spiritual Faith Healer Practitioner
Certified & Trained by Jose Silva

Religious Science Practitioner
Trained in 1992

Archaeological Psychic 1988



Accolades for Tracy’s Work and Service


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