Angelic Healing Sessions
Angelic Healing Sessions support your whole well-being

This sophisticated method of Bio-energy therapy supports all biological systems. It will reconnect your mind, body and spirit in a way that results in a lasting balance. Sessions produce a conscious, relaxed state that your body intuitively responds to during the opening flow of energy.

Your sessions is individualized to meet your needs.

Angelic Healings support the following:

  1. Disconnect / Fractured from your whole self
  2. Health and healing crisis
  3. Edge for athletic endeavors
  4. Emotional challenges
  5. Ongoing confrontational situations
  6. Surgical recovery Pre & Post
  7. Everyday Stress & Anxiety
  8. Traumatic emotional & physical injuries
  9. Many more…

Benefits of Angelic Healing

  1. Deep relaxation
  2. Increased Healing
  3. Enhanced Vitality & Stamina
  4. Clarity & Focus
  5. Gentle internal strength
  6. Faster recovery times
  7. Naturally flow with your day
  8. Manifest your personal path
  9. Your whole over all well-being

Session Descriptions

Your Healing Angelic sessions include...

Angelic healing sessions include discussing your current circumstances and the direction you want to move towards on your healing and awakening path.

Tracy will make suggestions for supporting your healing process using transformational techniques, educational materials, and angelic energies.

The angelic healing session is done in the laying on of hands style. Stones, minerals, crystals, energetic essences, harmonic toners and indigenous healing tools, may be used during your session to enhance the energetic results.

  • Sessions open and close with an angelic prayer
  • Sessions can be done in a lying or seated position
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Avoid using perfumes or colognes

Please note: Angelic Healings do not replace medical care by your health care professional.




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