Angelic Sanctuary Philosophy
Being your Heart and your Mind as One

All Life is Precious. We are forever eternal and the present moment is where we exist. We are a field of energy that pulses from connected to the universal energy of wholeness, interchanging with the pulse of our own unique individual field of independence and experience.

Our Perception
Our perception is initially molded by our five senses, our experiences and our thoughts. Going beyond those limits is part of a spiritual journey. Feeling beyond judgment of self and others and seeing the unseen in our physical reality. Understanding that every movement in the universe is an effect proceeded by a cause.

The Confusion
The really big questions in life come from a place so deep inside our soul that it becomes painful to even ask. We cry out "Why has this happened to me!" and then we cry in a deeper pain "Why has this happened to me, AGAIN!" Holding the understanding that physical matter, situations, and thoughts are energy. This energy gathers into a field and our perception of that field becomes reality for us and may even be part a mass consciousness.

Finding and Keeping your Center
In the mitts of chaos you will sense a pattern. A chaotic pattern so repetitive and consistent, that you can feel it moving in your direction. You have a choice to get caught up in the chaos and struggle with the event. You also have a choice of finding and keeping your center, moving along the path and going beyond the chaos.

Things to consider. . .

True Guidance
True Divine Guidance is available to everyone! It is loving, confident and fulfilling, it supports your quest to ignite your mission in life. It is about the present moment, it is safe and has a feeling of warmth and loving protection.

That feeling of more meaning to my life.
There is a common feeling explained by many people. Is this it? I feel something calling, something deep inside my soul. I feel a need, a wanting to draw nearer to the sacred, nearer to the divine.

Where you are? Where do you want to be?
Smooth and gentle changes are lasting changes. Understanding where you are in the right now, is your starting point for making changes in your life. Support from others on the path and developing the skills needed to stay on course, to attract your greatest and highest good.

Angelic Sanctuary Programs
The Angelic Sanctuary makes available private sessions for you to look clearly at the present and the possibilities of your choices.  Intimate class gatherings support your personal growth and development. Mentor programs to advance and refine the potential of the purpose of your life!

Intuition is the language of the heavenly beings…

Angelic Sanctuary Center

The Angelic Sanctuary Center is a quiet inconspicuous place.  The site has long been associated with rejuvenation of the spirit.  Its history includes visitors from around the world coming to gathering in this sacred place.  Each persons own journey of renewed energy and strengthened life force. Its unique location surrounded by mountainous terrain, the remains of volcanic eruptions that occurred late in the Tertiary Period, some 25 MYBP. This part of the earth is filled with quartz enhancing its energetic space. The ground spirits occasionally give gifts of delicate small hand size quartz geo‘s, melted quartz and painted sand rocks. If you pause and look closely you will see the wildlife of the desert. Flowers, hummingbirds, dragonfly, butterflies, rabbits and desert squirrels. The Sonoran Desert thrives along side the expanding city of Phoenix, Arizona.


Angelic Sanctuary