Angelic Sanctuary Session Descriptions

"There is a mystical angelic energy, a subtle quality of channeling that I experience during a session with my clients." - Tracy

Messages from the Angelic Realms
These are gentle and loving messages from the angelic realms. There is a deep deep love, a soulful unconditional love that the Angels and Spirit Guides share during a reading. These sessions allow you to have some clarity and understanding. Your angels and guides are on the forefront of each session, I merely translate their messages and presence for you.

Intuitive Guidance for Earth Beings
These types of messages are about life on earth and earthly situations. These are very practical messages of living on earth with a very spiritual perspective, great for things effecting financial, work and business choices and directions. These Angels and Devas have "earth dirt on their hands" from working side by side with you everyday. No situation is void of spiritual energy, these sessions' help you navigate with the physical and spiritual dimensions.

Pet insights, for a very special part of your Soul Family
These messages work with the energy around your beloved companion, whether they are among the living or crossed over into their spiritual essence. Remember, you have a soul relationship with everything in your life. These sessions are very investigative in nature, exploring several aspects of the companion's views.

About my style of angel readings
I do a unique style of card layout called a mosaic view. At times it is so beautiful after the reading session; we have photographed the cards only to discover a larger image displayed within the layout. There is a divine energy that revels its self when two people come together to discover a sacred path for guidance. This divine energy directs the information around your individual situation. It is important to note that everyone's experience is different. The value in any session is if you were able to gain something from our time together.

"There is a divine energy that reveals itself when two people come together to discover a sacred path for guidance." - Tracy

Spiritual Counseling
Has your life just run amuck? It may be time to just talk about it. Want to focus on your spiritual and personal development? This session will be based on spiritual principals, applying universal laws, affirmations, and prayer. This is a co-active approach to spiritual counseling ultimately giving you tools to help manage your life successfully.

Angelic Healing Sessions / Energy Medicine
Energy Medicine is the method used to support the mind, body and the spirit of all beings. It benefits the energetic field around and engaged in living matter, balancing the natural rhythm or flow of the system. This energy of the life force has been referred to by countless ancient writings, from a variety of cultures through time. I prefer the Asian dialog of Qi or Chi; however Ki and Prana are equally represented in their cultures and language. An example you may relate to in your daily life; have you ever had a great day were everything is moving in your direction; work, conversations, even driving around town seems easier. Then, there are days, when you express contempt for ever leaving your bed. Well, those are the times; you know you needed to be building your vibrant Chi for your whole being. The Angelic Healing sessions done here at the Angelic Sanctuary, are based on the foundation and philosophy of Energy Medicine (Wisdom).

Angelic Attunement
Angelic Attunements are done on a requested only basis, during Angelic healing session.




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