Accolades for Tracy’s Work and Service
Kind words from living souls

Tracy-Thank you so much for the teachings of Melody's Laying On Of Stones/Love Is In The Earth. This was a life-changing course for me; taught with such joy and integrity. I am honored to have had you as my instructor. You are "The Real Deal ". I put out to the Universe that I will be coming to learn from you again in the future. With so much love, Namaste,
- Katherine "Sunfox" P. Merced, CA

You have created an amazing healing community! Never forget that it was all your willingness to answer that call that created this for all of us. Thank you.
- K.Madan

...And I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, I look forward to each new day. Thank you so much Tracy for healing and transforming me in way that I never thought would have been possible. God bless you and the wonderful healing light you bring into so many lives. HUGS!
- Liz M. Buckeye, AZ

Tracy is one of the clearest, purest spirits I have ever met. She assisted me in trusting and then following my dream and in doing so it led me to realize my purpose for being here. She is in touch with "The Source" and will assist you in discovering your path. I am forever grateful and I highly recommend her.
- L J Shannon

Stolen horse found after 53 weeks! Thanks for your help, we continued to use the board on the wall with his picture. That you suggested. It is still up right now. Thanks.
- Keith Caughran

Dear Tracy,
You not only have great knowledge, you see and care with your heart.
- Lila, Illinois

Dear Tracy,
What a wonderful idea and thank you for including me. I really enjoyed my time with you.
- Raphaela, LA California

Dear Tracy,
It was a pleasure speaking with you regarding my sisters precious "Peaches"(Peek-A-Poo) and wanted to thank you very much for your information you shared.
- Clare R. Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear Tracy,
May the seeds of your dreams fill the world. Flower forth into the future. And send you back messages to guide us all.
- Marcia, Arizona

Dear Tracy,
Thank you for helping my dear horse Kiss. He has never been more relaxed with his surroundings.
- Dr Lori, Arizona

Dear Tracy,
I never saw an energy field before today. Thank you for the healing session with my horse Starry. The blue light just filled the entire stall and barn.
- Ed, Paradise Valley, Arizona

Dear Tracy,
Thank you for all your help in bringing my Pets together.
- Gail, Scottsdale Arizona

Dear Tracy,
It was great meeting with you the other evening. It feels so good to connect to your spirit. I know there is no real separation. This was the first time I really felt the gel of a group. It was wonderful.
- Catherine F, Sidney B.C.

Dear Tracy,
Your cosmic footprint is a positive one and I celebrate your authentic essence and innate abilities. You have much to be proud of and I honor your life and work. Thank you for making a difference in the world for by sharing your story and abilities you create a garden of intent where possibilities become realities. I enjoyed your garment of self expression as you are an engaging individual whose talents are many. I wish you truth and inner happiness all your days.
- Micheal T,The Ancient One



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